A bottle of Buchanan's Deluxe with Buchanan's 200% Futuro Fund wrapped around it

A bottle of Buchanan's Deluxe with Buchanan's 200% Futuro Fund wrapped around it

The Hispanic population is projected to make up more than half of the US’s population growth over the next 15 years.* Powerful, right?

As we head towards this 100% Hispanic and 100% American futuro, it's important that we continue fueling the Hispanic voices driving the future of America. That's why we're excited to announce The 200% Futuro Fund, a non-profit fund, which launched July 2022 and is designed to fuel the people and organizations making this strong futuro a reality.**

For years, Buchanan’s has been welcomed into the culture, on the tables and at the celebrations of Hispanic Americans. So, it’s important for us as a brand to help champion and support this community that has been an integral part of our history and growth here in the U.S. To honor the philanthropic spirit of our founder, James Buchanan, Buchanan’s Scotch Whisky is announcing the Buchanan’s 200% Futuro Fund to fuel the future of the next generation of 100% Hispanic x 100% Americans across the U.S. We’re celebrating and embracing the duality of what it means to be Hispanic American today.

*Source: Woods & Pole 2020, Rainmakers CSI for Diageo

Fueling the next generationFueling the next generation

Through the fund, Buchanan’s is committing $1,000,000 in charitable donations and grants over the next 5 years. This will be a commitment that celebrates and supports today’s multi-faceted Hispanic Americans by elevating their voices and supporting the people and organizations cultivating and uplifting their local communities through their passions and crafts while embracing their Hispanic roots.

*The dispersal of funds from the Buchanan’s 200% Futuro Fund is subject to the approval of the Fairfield County’s Community Foundation

**The 200% Futuro Fund is a donor advised fund with Diageo North America, Inc. as the donor and which is administered by Fairfield County’s Community Foundation, an IRS 501(c)(3) organization

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